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Good Food Story

Welcome to our world of rice and corn cakes! With 33 years of experience, we are a leading producer to private labels and our brand – Good Food.


Operating from our facility in central Europe, we specialize in air-popping technology. Our annual production reaches 13,000 tons, distributed globally.


These delectable cakes not only offer a delightful crunch but also serve as an excellent dietary choice. Our extensive product portfolio includes natural cakes crafted from real grains, enticing chocolate-coated varieties, savory options like salty-flavored cakes, and innovative corn snacks. 


Indulge in our flavorful and wholesome range, ensuring a tasty and satisfying treat for every palate. Experience the goodness of Good Food – where quality meets taste!


Good dietary choice with a tasty, crunchy beat.

Natural corn cakes

Perfectly balanced in texture, their unparalleled crunchiness and delicate nature make them an excellent option for a health-conscious snack that excites the taste buds.

Mini snacks

Mini corn cakes with a delightful salty flavor, seamlessly blend health benefits with a satisfying taste, creating a harmonious product that caters to well-being and palate.

Chocolate cakes

Indulgent sweet treat based on light rice or corn cake. The delectable chocolate, adorned with a Rainforest Alliance certificate, enhances its flavor profile.

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