About us

Who we are

For 32 years we’ve been building our expertise and experience in rice & corn cakes production, to deliver product solutions both for private labels and our own brand.

We’re a team of over 400 healthy lifestyle and nourishment lovers. “Rice and corn cakes are what we do the best to be an excellent business partner, supplier, and employer” – these words accurately describe how we perceive ourselves.

We have 2 facilities in central Europe specializing in rice and corn cakes air popping technology. Annually we produce around 14 000 tons of cakes and deliver them all around the world.

Our cakes

Good Food Products was started by a Polish couple living in Australia. They were so inspired by healthy food there, that they decided to create a unique recipe for cakes and bring it back to their motherland.


And here we are, over 32 years later, continuing our founders’ objective: to bake the products without fat, using only natural grains, water, right temperature and pressure.

Our history

To learn more about us, watch our animated history here.