About us

Over 100 recipes for crunchiness

Every good baker knows that the tastiest bread can be baked only with well-selected, authentic ingredients. The same applies to the cakes. Choosing the right cereal varieties, the most suitable ones for air-popping, preparing them properly, including the optimum conditions such as temperature, humidity and time, are key production elements.


Our crispy rice and corn cakes are ready-to-eat snacks. Our mission is to prepare them in the healthiest way possible. Here are the benefits our products offer:

  • gluten free
  • wholegrain
  • plant-based
  • less fat
  • no added synthetic MSG
  • guilty free



Happy to create

We are happy to create, therefore our products can be:


  • Salty: flavoured with spices such as paprika, cheese, herbs de Provence or just salt,


  • Sweet: coated with caramel, fruit juice, chocolate and yogurt,


New products develepment

Cakes are at the forefront of culinary trends, each crafted to reflect the latest in food culture. Within our diverse selection, you’ll discover three distinct taste profiles, featuring a variety of ingredients, thicknesses, and diameters. With over 100 recipes to choose from, our offerings cater to a multitude of consumption occasions.


Dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, we continually monitor global food trends, consumer preferences, and emerging innovations in packaging design. Armed with this insight, we meticulously gather and analyze data to
ensure our products remain relevant and in tune with the desires of our customers.


Our exceptional New Product Development (NPD) team oversees the seamless integration of new and traditional recipes, while also conducting comprehensive sensory panel evaluations. In 2023 alone, we rigorously tested nearly 700 samples, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.