About us

Less plastic

Even though our cakes keep the best crunchiness and freshness while being in a foil, we are reducing its amount in our packs.


In 2022, we managed to reduce the waste of plastic during the production process by 9.5 tons! That was achieved thanks to the packing optimalization. Single package has now 21% less plastic than before.

Minimal compliant level

In 2021, we’ve achieved a record low compliant level of 1.09, equivalent to one compliant per million produced packs.


In 2022, the rate dropped almost twofold, which means that our customers hardly ever complain about our products.


We constantly make sure that our products are safe for consumers.


Each batch of raw material is tested by our experts and then, finished goods are submitted to quality assessment.


Regular internal tasting panels are also our standard, thanks to which we know what we should improve to make cakes even crispier.


Good Food Products has been awarded by the BRC and Rainforest Alliance quality certifications. We also are a certified producer of eco, gluten-free, V-label and Kosher food. GFP is also a member of the FDA and Sedex organizations.