It’s time for shelf ready mixes!

How to sell a product under your own brand better? The answer to this question could be mixes – an offer of two different flavours in one carton.

Better for your shelf logistics

Having 2 different products in 1 carton is a logistical convenience and saves space on the shelf. Mixes
also give a chance for new flavour to be noticed by consumers.

Better for your Consumers

The optimal solution is two flavours in one carton, including bestselling product already known to consumers and completely new flavour, which, by coexisting in one carton, has a chance to be effectively tested by consumers

Good Food knows how to mix!

We have ready solutions for your business. Over 41% of our sales (in 2023) were mixed products, which can be tailored to large retail chains. Furthermore, we have a specialized business unit dedicated to mixed products, which will enhance capacity in Q4 2024.

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