Private label

Step 1



Exchanging e-mails or scheduling online meeting where we advise on suitable portfolio solutions.

Email us:


Step 2



Exchanging data such as rough estimated volumes per SKU or approximate launching date to make preliminary verification of the capacity and availability of raw materials.

Step 3



Sending free samples to taste the cakes and choose favorites.

Waiting time for standard recipes: approx. 2 weeks.

Step 4

Preliminary offer


Calculating each offer individually to ensure a rough price range adjusted to the market demands and customer needs.

Step 5

Mutual deal confirmation


Final confirmation of agreement terms and prepare the final price offer.

Production test applies while choosing new recipes.

Step 6

Package design


We are providing you you with cutter guides. Dedicated team in our company will help, advise and pick up the first print.

Step 7

First production


& delivery


Our standard is to always receive and verify first production by a dedicated team of experts from our company.

Sending you samples from the first production is also included.


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